In the beginning…

So here goes. This first blog post is meant to give a very short history and set the ground rules for the discussion. My two brothers and I have discussed over the past 5 years (it could actually be longer than that) and to varying depths how we came to our current “beliefs” about how the world came to be, existence of God, and ultimately what our response is to all of the above. (There is a lot packed into the run on sentence above.)

How have 3 brothers from one family ended up at different conclusions. It seemed to be good (to me anyway) to write down the history of the path that I chose and then post the podcast and written discussion. (And to have my brothers post their “ponderings” also so the readers could keep all 3 of us honest- point out our blind spots- and add to the discussion.)

Ground rules: be civil… No snarkiness or ad hominem attacks…

Have an honest discussion weighing pros and cons of our various positions.

Go where the evidence leads… Citing sources so others can follow our course of thought.

Say I don’t know- a lot.


Consider the outcome of these beliefs on ourselves, our children.


I knew that if I didn’t get this started then it would never happen… So please excuse the clutter as this is certainly a work in progress.

There. Now it’s time to hit the submit button, warts and all,

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