The Gameplan

Ooooooooh! A second blogpost! Wooohooo!!! It’s the little things in life…

Hopefully there will be 50 more Brothers Perspectives blogposts in 2015. Theoretically one per week (That gives us 2 weeks off sometime this coming year.)

Soon, you (The reader) will get to hear from Dan and Andy as they put together a short bio and post about what they would hope to get out of this discussion.

Me? What do I hope to get out of this? Now that’s the $64,000 question. In the words of Dennis Prager I hope to gain “clarity.” (Mr Prager’s actual quote used during many of his discussions: “I prefer clarity over agreement.”) I want to clarify my beliefs regarding the evidence that we have for our existence and how we came to be and what our purpose may be- as those things would seem to be linked (to me, anyway.)

I hope to drill down into my own beliefs- examine where they came from. I hope to hold onto the good beliefs and chuck the bad while leaving a trail so I can modify or adapt as needed.

Now the question of “where to begin” came up during the discussions over the past few years and for total transparency we had decided to read through Genesis and discuss what we found written there. There are so many different ways to analyze and critically deconstruct what we would find there.

These fields of knowledge are beyond me in my normal life of customer service: Examining the text, language, transmission, culture, physiology, psychology, anthropology… and many more are way beyond my scope and training. Thankfully, there are many “experts” in fields of study regarding Genesis and I hope to draw from them and bring their expertise into this discussion.

It is amazing to me to see the amount of interest that exists about the origins of the Earth and life. There are many Atheist and Intelligent Design discussions and even the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate that took place recently. There are numerous podcasts and blogs and websites devoted to questions surrounding our origins. I think there is so much interest in this topic that it will support one more blog/podcast or at least that’s the hope…

In a related note: I am extremely grateful to have gained one or two subscribers after the first post-

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