Dan’s introduction

I’m Daniel P. Wilson – Dan to my friends – the youngest bro in this triumvirate. I’m a seventh generation San Jose, Californian – an actor, director, writer, and arts management professional (producer) in the arts world. I help to run a small theatre company in Northern California, and direct and perform there, and elsewhere, as often as possible. I’ve been a teacher, theatre designer, corporate recruiter, and casting director. I do TV, commercial work, and film stuff as much as I can, and am an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area arts leadership community. I have been married (for a decade now) to an amazing woman – Anna – my Swedish penpal of many years, who I will have known for 20 years as of next year. We have two totally awesome daughters together – a four year old and a 17 month old – Astrid and Klara. I’m 40 years old, I’m an agnostic with deeply rooted Christian leanings (2 decades of Church of Christ programming under my belt), and I’m a pretty hardcore democrat when it comes to politics. While born and raised and once more living in the Silicon Valley, I’ve also lived on California’s Central Coast, in Los Angeles, in Chicago, and in Stockholm, Sweden – each for about 3-4 years. I’m a pragmatic optimist, an idealist, a dreamer, and I like to think I’m generally a pretty good guy. Religiously speaking, I believe in God – but don’t have the answers, and am pretty sure I never will (till I die). If forced to choose a path to follow, I’d have to say I think Humanism and Buddhism sound about the closest to the core of my evolving belief system. I’m always searching for higher purpose, for deeper meaning, for insights wherever I can find them, and as a reader of fiction and dramatic literature, I look at religious texts like I look at novels and scripts – as a collection of stories, myths, and parables for understanding human nature and the experience of this corporeal life.

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