Life happened…

What happens if the intended blog doesn’t launch? Well, this blog has been stuck for an additional 2 1/2 years after the intended launch date…

So, we launch now…

Here’s the plan: pick up a copy of the Bible and read Genesis chapter 1.

That’s it! Simple, right- we can talk about specific  versions later- just pick up and read one chapter. Write down questions that hit you while reading and then the fun begins!

Here are some of my questions: (you might have more and better questions. If so, leave them in the comments please)

Genesis 1:1

When did this “beginning” take place?

Wait a minute! Who wrote this? And why? How is this supposed to be read nowadays?

What language was this written in originally? How did my version (translation) come into existence?

Who and what is God?

What are the heavens? Where are the heavens?

Those all hit me after reading the first line (verse 1)

Speaking of verses: Where did the chapter/verse designations come from?

Oh man! 30 more verses await me in just this chapter alone.

Hopefully the audio version of this discussion will follow soon- one of my brothers is still onboard… Hopefully our banter will lead somewhere rewarding.

Read on…





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