Genesis Chapter Two in January of 2020.

Two things to start off- First is an apology for potentially alienating readers by quoting/posting an entire chapter of Genesis. Hopefully if you are “into” this blog discussion you are reading the chapters on your own… to keep me honest.

The Second thing is that this is actually the second blogpost of the year about Genesis and we are only in week two of the year so I am actually on some sort of one a week pace. After 15 years of this Genesis discussion only being in “talk phase” I see putting something out into the blogosphere as a huge accomplishment. Ok, maybe not huge but still an accomplishment.

The last blog post left some huge questions unanswered and unaddressed. That’s where feedback from my brothers (or readers) would come in handy. I see this blog topic about Genesis as being really timely. I think people really do have questions about the veracity of Genesis. And people are actually interested in it’s application to our modern lives. I’ll give a few examples: Dennis Prager recently (As of May 2019) recorded and released a number 1 best seller called The Rational Bible: Genesis as a commentary on the first book of the Bible. His explanation takes a look at a worldview built upon seeing the book of Genesis as a true account. I respect Mr Prager’s worldview and agree with much of what he teaches. I would love to sit and listen to him discuss many things. This book series has been really popular and I think that is because the topic is relevant to our lives.

Another recent addition (August 2019 I think) to the discussion about Genesis include Hillsdale College’s Lecture series on the first book of the Bible. Many people have taken a look at their video commentary on Genesis. The mission statement in producing this content is to present “sound learning,” study of the ultimate end or purpose of human life, teaching of the christian faith by precept and example, and for freedom. The right of humans to exercise their minds to learn. (learning, character, faith, freedom…)

There are probably many other dissenting perspectives on Genesis that have been presented in the recent past. I think there are many reasons for that. I took a look online (specifically on youtube, but there are many blogs and podcasts and websites) at the dissenting opinion regarding the reliability of Genesis. Look up “Why do people laugh at creationists” as a topic on youtube and you’ll see many videos where people mock those of us who believe that Genesis is actually telling the truth about God, creation of the universe and man, and how mankind “fell” from our intended purpose and relationship with God.

Genesis 2: This includes more description about the recorded creation account. And it includes some perspectives on man, woman, marriage, our purpose on earth, our relationship with God, some rules and consequences. Much of modern leftist thought would argue with those revealed notions. This is also where my family (specifically, we three brothers disagree to various degrees.) This was also a catalyst for this blog to begin as the discussion of Genesis’ teachings was a source of arguments within our family. How did brothers from the same family come to such diametrically opposed beliefs- what were our sources? On what are we basing our beliefs and opinions? What were we taught by our parents? What teachings are we passing on to the next generation?

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