Genesis 3

This week the blog will start a discussion of chapter 3 of Genesis. But before we do that- how about a recap of some of my assertions from Genesis 1 and 2?

First assertion: This world and the universe that surrounds it were built by Someone. (I am not that Someone. Anyone who knows me for even a short time will begin to see my flaws.)

Second assertion: This world and the universe that surrounds it are Real. What you and I do here on earth matter and the things we do (or don’t do) have real consequences.

Third assertion: The Someone who created this world (and the universe that surrounds it) exists, is good, and wants to be known by you. There are consequences to having a relationship with this being. More to come on this.

The Someone (called God) who created everything is revealed as powerful—- able to speak things into existence. God is revealed as existing outside of the creation. God is shown to be discerning. God also labels things as what they are. God is creative! From small plant seeds to stars in the universe, flowers, trees, fish, birds, land animals, great sea creatures. God is also revealed as “Us.” This will be expanded on more in the future… and will need to be consistent.

That brings us to Genesis chapter 3 and the Fourth assertion: There is a deviously wicked being in opposition to the Someone (God) who is good and creative. Humans can willingly ally with this being and there are consequences. More to come on this but I need to hit publish.

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