Genesis 4: Gender? Marriage? Sex? Murder? Vengeance? Polygamy? Calling on the name of the LORD…

Read chapter 4

This chapter presents some ancient things that “modern” thought (in academia, media, entertainment) really scoffs at- namely the idea of there being male and female. Biologically, there are only two gender possibilities: male or female. The Bible and cultural norms presented that concept for approximately 6000 years of human history. (Rabbit trails: The recent zeitgeist of gender discussion of whether its now 17 or 35 ways a person can “choose their gender” or with what pronoun(s) a person wants to be addressed. Rabbit trail- legal ramifications of choosing wrong pronoun when addressing someone incorrectly… rabbit trail: examining the lunacy of telling little boys that they like their feminine counterpart can have a “period.”

In chapter two there was a presentation of the man and woman getting married- making a covenant before God to fulfill their promises and responsibilities to each other- becoming united as one flesh. Then they start living out that covenant and they enjoy the blessing of sex and the addition of children is presented.

Some time passes and these children grow and find they have something to present to God. God shows favor to one and not to the other. (Rabbit trail: why did God choose the animal sacrifice over the vegetables?) back to the narrative: God also actively intervenes and questions the motives of Cain. God gives a warning to Cain about sin… but human free will is acted on. Cain rejects God and the warning goes unheeded. One brother (Cain) wickedly kills the other (Abel)—– the first premeditated murder is recorded. Not just with oral tradition or written on stone or parchment: this murder is recorded with the victims blood actively crying out for justice from God.

Then we have Cain banished and protected at the same time. There’s another rabbit trail…

Followed by another rabbit trail: these people that God had created are multiplying like rabbits. Cain has found a spouse? In my mind I’m wondering how that worked? (Rabbit trail: genetics)

Some time later a guy named Lamech comes along and he’s married two women… not only that but he’s recorded as killing one or possibly two people. He appeals to Cain’s protections from vengeance and takes it a bit further. (Rabbit trail)

The story focuses back on Adam and Eve who in the process have had other children. Some of their descendants begin reaching out to God… which seems like the best thing to do as I wrap up this early morning ramble.

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